You’ll never hear an orange sneeze.

     It doesn’t catch a cold.

They’re full of Vitamin C of course,

      Which protects us, we are told.


 Now a cod’s a really lucky fish,

      Packed with Omega 3,

  So a cod won’t get arthritis -

       Quite unlike poor old me.


Salmon’s not just good to eat

     But makes our brains work well.

A salmon would write poetry

    If only he could spell.


Apples help to keep you young -

      They’ve antioxidants inside,

Perhaps they also would stay young

      If apples could but hide.      


Fruit is important to our health -

      Eat five fruits every day -

 Then you’ll be fit and healthy

       And that’s exactly how you’ll stay.


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By Josie Whitehead

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"You'll Never Hear an Orange Sneeze" was one of almost 400 poems published in 2010.  Although it is out of print now, if you live in the Bradford area you can obtain it via Ilkley Library, or, of course, you can access all of these poems plus 1000 more which I've written via my five huge websites.  Please do tell your children also.  Josie