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Many of my poems were published in 2010 when teachers all across West Yorkshire chose almost 400 poems which were published in five books by AMS Educational Publishers.  In 2007 I was chosen as Inspirational Online Children's Poet by children in 133 countries of the world chose me as Inspirational Online Children's Poet.  What an honour!  Lastly, Oxford University Press are now taking many of my poems for your school books.  I hope you like my poems and can recommend my website to others, especially parents.  Josie

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Don't forget that there are poems for younger children in many of my indexes,   Josie

Martin Torbert, New Jersey, has kindly added music and song to some of my poems, composed, played and sang by himself.  I know younger children love songs.  Please do go to these poems and recommend them to others with small children:


The Big Red Bus, The Little Butterfly, A Little Green Caterpillar, Clickety Clack


AUTUMN POEMS and HALLOWEEN POEMS and if you  are thinking of Christmas:  CHRISTMAS POEMS - - all written by me of course.

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