We’ve sussed you out, discovered you,

     Know what you read and eat;

Learned what you spend your money on

     Like others on your street.


We haven’t only studied you

     But checked your neighbours too.

We know what type of cars you drive -

     Yes, know you through and through.


It’s your postcode that has told us this.

    Your postcode’s typecast you.

Have we, perhaps, been told some things

      Perhaps you never knew?


Big Brother’s got his eye on you!

     Be careful how you go,

And don’t give out your postcode

    If you don’t want us to know.



Copyright on all my poems



Other people have sussed you out too:  I know Google sees which websites I go to, and, if you come to my  five websites, I guess he'll know you like poetry.  So what?  Enjoy what I've written.  This poem was published, along with many others, in 2010, so I discovered that many teachers and children in my home county of West Yorkshire enjoyed the poems too.  I didn't need Google to tell me that!  Josie

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